Saturday, June 24, 2017

Two Halau Combine Helpers at the Garden

Today we had the pleasure of hosting two halau hula -- Halau 'o Kaululaua'e and Halau Hula Kamamolikolehua. We started bright and early (7 am) to beat the heat, though it did get quite hot even by 8 am!

Kumu Mikiala Lidstone and Kumu Pohai Souza both attended with their haumana (students) and families. We had another great showing of volunteers -- about 55 in total -- and they were among the hardest working we've had!

The pohinahina was trimmed back considerably and Kumu Mikiala showed us what we can do with the trimmed branches -- make lei! She demonstrated the process of pounding the outer layer and stripping it (very carefully) from the "bone" so that the fiber and leaves and be twined to make a maile-style lei.  We had a new appreciation for pohinahina after that demo!

We're so thankful for the consistent kokua that we have been fortunate to receive at the Malaola, which is becoming a true resource for the hula community. We're happy to make these connections, and thank DuPont Pioneer for making this all possible.

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