Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Taking Back Control

From last Friday, April 14, 2017, I came to the garden with a desire to cut those ever-growing pesky weeds that always outgrow our plantings. We recently bought a new tool that blends the maneuverability of a trimmer and the power of a mower. This hybrid of a mower/trimmer went through those weeds like butter! What a gratifying feeling to finally have the power to control the weeds! However, there are still more weeds to go through, but I believe that since the purchase of the new mower we will finally be able to step forward in our progress of maintaining Mālaola.

Picture of weeds before being mowed down. Weeds were about waist high!

The new mower is a godsend! Finally can see the bases of our own plantings.
Our banana trees are producing fruits! A great snack for a good day's work.

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