Saturday, August 12, 2017

Clean Up Crew from Kamamolikolehua

Today we held our second work day this week, this time with Halau Hula Kamamolikolehua (this is their third visit). The team was composed of people ages 5 - 70+ finished the work that started this week with Monsanto's team. We focused on the pohinahina near the crown flowers and the plumerias on the northwestern corner of the garden.

We also transplanted some 'uki 'uki plants in the shade of the kukui. We think they will like it better there.

And we got to install a few more plants like 'olena, pikake, and even a koa (bred to be resistant to the koa wilt disease -- mahalo to Hawai'i Agriculture Research Center).

It was a beautiful day and everyone felt very accomplished. The Malaola is coming alive!

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