Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Workday 2015

 Summer has started! Our plants are thriving... hidden amongst the dried cover crop... our plumeria trees have flowers and our Kukui nut trees are growing taller!

We have been diligently weeding one side of the Mālaola... and today we could tell that our efforts are making a dent, there are barely any weeds on that side of the garden.

The other THREE sides, however, are a different story... this month we started to tackle the weeds on the back end of the Mālaola and with the same persistence, we hope that in the next few months will start to see fewer weeds. We know that we will never completely get rid of weeds, but we hope at least fewer!!

In addition to pulling TEN large bags of weeds, we started to mulch around the crown flower in the front of the garden. We will spend the summer adding in rock walls and mulching pathways into our Mālaola, and watch our garden come alive!

Mahalo to all of our hardworking ʻOhana that came out this month!

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